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If you have got this far and have chosen English as your language, I assume that your interest lies in the genealogy information you can find here.

The only surnames that have ancestors or possible descendants (that I know of) in English-speaking countries are Kenworthy and Strøm. If you want an index to these surnames, choose the surnames index.

Surnames index

If you want to see my connection to these, you can choose my family tree.

Family tree

If case you are researching Danish or Norwegian family connections, I have included a couple of links to sites which have census and emigrant information available online. All these will open in a separate window.


The Danish Demographic Database contains census and emigrant/immigrant information. Digitilization of the Danish census information is done on a voluntary, unpaid basis. Consequently, what is available is somewhat haphazard and unsystematic. There is on the site a table where you can click on a census year and a county and get a map showing which parishes in this county with census info in the database. This table and map is easy to access if you know which county (Danish: Amt) you are looking for. If the census information you want is available, you can search in English. The emigrant archive is also available in English:

Maps of available census info

Census info, English version

The emigrant archive

Do you have ancestors on the Danish Virgin Islands (Danish until 1917)? If so, you might be interested in a site containing information about the Danish cemetaries on the Virgin Islands:

Historical Danish Cemetaries


The Norwegian digitilized information can be found at the Digitalarkivet - (The Digital Archive) which is hosted by one of the universities. This site contains both census information and emigrant information (but the Norwegian emigrant information is not nearly as easily accessible as the Danish one. For Norway you have to know where the person in question emigrated from).

Norwegian digitilized census and other info (The Digital Archive)